About Us

The Wisconsin Hunter Education Instructor Association (WHEIA) was formed on May 15th, 1985. It was formed independently of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in order to furnish member Hunter Education Instructors with teaching aids the DNR could no longer afford to give instructors. While that goals remains we have expanded our efforts.

Today, we are a 501(3)(c) Not-for-Profit Education Organization. We are all volunteers and remain dedicated to working for the instructor and students to improve the hunter safety training program. As such, we recognize the need to partner with the DNR.

We hold an annual statewide convention to provide continuing education opportunities for instructors to maintain their instructor certification and to raise training aid funds. Breakout sessions are an opportunity for instructors to learn or share skills to improve their classes.

We also hold regular meetings with the DNR to discuss hunter safety issues concerning instructors and share information back to our members. By working together with the DNR we have found ways to improve the statewide hunter safety program. We have a goal to provide instructor trailers in each of our regions equipped with an air powered shooting range or with the training aids needed for instructors to conduct classes. 

We also actively participate throughout the year on various youth events, both with the DNR or independently, setting up and operating an air rifle shooting range.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is: Promoting Professionalism and Improving the Quality of Hunter Education in Wisconsin.