Who Is Eligible to Become a WHEIA Member?

Regular membership categories require that the individual(s) be active Bow hunter or Hunter Education Instructors.

Junior instructor memberships are open to any DNR certified Junior Instructor.

Associate memberships are open to any interested individual or organization that wishes to support WHEIA and hunter education in Wisconsin.

WHEIA Member Benefits Include:

  1. Educational training aids and sources of training aids to be used in your hunter education classes.

  2. District and General Membership meetings to provide you with a forum to improve your professionalism in hunter education.

  3. An organization that will allow for your individual activism concerning hunter education,

  4. A long-lasting, viable, state-wide, coalition of Wisconsin hunter education instructors to insure the continuation of high quality hunter education programs in Wisconsin.

  5. Assistance to educate, to promote, and to inform Wisconsin’s youth and adults about hunter education.

  6. WHEIA E-message Alerts

  7. Portable Shooting Range

Membership Fees


  • Regular Annual  $25.00

  • Regular Annual Husband/Wife   $35.00

  • Junior Instructor Annual   FREE

  • Regular Life    $175.00

  • Regular Life Husband/Wife    $260.00

  • Individual Associate Annual     $30.00

  • Organizational Associate Annual    $70.00

  • Individual Associate Life     $350.00

Membership year is April 1 to March 31


Each year, volunteer hunter education instructors in Wisconsin provide archery and firearm safety instruction to over 30,000 youth and adults in the state. You too can be a part of this tradition!

Please join WHEIA by filling out the WHEIA Membership Form and sending it and your payment to:

P.O. Box 24
Stevens Point, WI 54481

NEW Life Members


  • Jeffrey Borowski


  • Monica Kamal

  • John J Plenke

  • Steve Spaeni


  • Rick Heisler

  • Chui Muro



  • Jean Esser

  • Nancy Schraufnagel

  • Rick Lazarczyk

Support WHEIA!

In order for WHEIA to provide training aides and instructor development activities, the organization raises funds through an annual raffle, the selling of advertisement space in our Annual Convention Booklet, our newsletter, our website, and through the securing of donations to our organization.

This message is our request of you or your business/organization/group to support WHEIA and Wisconsin Hunter Education through a tax-deductible donation of cash or merchandise to our organization.

Please support WHEIA by filling out a WHEIA Donation Form and sending it and your donation to:

P.O. Box 24
Stevens Point, WI 54481

Thank you for your continued support of WHEIA. We truly appreciate your generosity and the time and effort that you haveput into this organization. We ask that you please continue assisting our organization in its hunter safety education activities.

WHEIA membership

To download the WHEIA membership form, click here.


To donate to WHEIA by check, click here for the donation form.

Please ensure that you keep your information updated.

WHEIA has ways to keep you updated:

  1. sign up for the WHEIA mailing list and never miss a newsletter - This one way communication is from WHEIA to subscribed HE Instructors.

  2. sign up for the WHEIA Google groups -  This is  a multi-way communication for all signed-up HE Instructors to each other and WHEIA

  3. share information on the WHEIA Facebook page