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2024 Scholarship

Dear WI Hunter Education Instructor Association,

I am writing to express my gratitude for the scholarship that you have awarded to me.

Receiving this scholarship is an honor and privilege, and I am very appreciative of your

generosity and support.

This scholarship holds some significant meaning for me, both personally and

academically. Financially, it will help alleviate a considerable burden and will allow me to focus

more intently on my studies without the added stress of finances. This scholarship serves as a

source of motivation and encouragement to excel academically. It reinforces my belief in the

value of hard work and dedication, and I am very appreciative. Being that I myself am also a

huge outdoors person, the fact I received a scholarship from an association related to what I love

to do most means a lot.

This also represents more than just financial assistance, but it also serves as a reminder

that my efforts and accomplishments in my education have not gone unnoticed, and that there are

individuals like yourself who are invested in my success. This recognition fuels my

determination to continue striving for excellence to become a part of something greater in my

future law enforcement career.

I want to express my gratitude once again for your generosity and belief in my abilities.

Best Regards,

Dylan Luthe

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