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2024 Scholarship Awards


To the Wisconsin Hunter Education Instructor Association,

My name is Travis Ziaya and as a recent recipient of the Wisconsin Hunter Education

Instructor Association Scholarship, I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for being

selected for this notable award. I am very thankful for receiving such a distinguished honor.

I am currently a senior, majoring in Wildlife Ecology and Management, with aspirations

to eventually become a Game Warden or work for the DNR. In the future, I want to be able to

assist wildlife, protect the environment, teach upcoming outdoor recreationalists, and make life

more sustainable for future generations. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my college experience

here at UWSP and continue to grow as a learner and natural resource professional. Receiving this

scholarship means that I can continue to work towards my goals, and it will help me climb the

ladder to future success in the field of natural resources. Outside of UWSP, I am an avid

fisherman and outdoorsman; I thoroughly enjoy kayaking and hiking, as it allows me to explore

and to become more in-touch with nature. By receiving this honor, I can continue to redefine

myself as a wildlife professional and help to preserve our planet.

With receiving the Wisconsin Hunter Education Instructor Association Scholarship, I

plan to use it for financial assistance. This scholarship provided will allow me to focus on my

studies rather than how I will afford to pay for the coming semesters at UWSP. The Wisconsin

Hunter Education Instructor Association Scholarship means a lot to me, as it will help me with

paying for tuition and books. As a first-generation college student, I am very fortunate to have

received this opportunity and to know that there is an organization who believes in my ability to

succeed. I know that there are many people who applied for this scholarship, so I truly am

honored to have been selected. Having this extra financial security will allow me to concentrate

more on my learning and becoming more active in UWSP clubs. Thank you again for your

generosity. I’ve included my contact information below if you’d like to keep in touch as I go

through an important milestone in my life.


Travis Ziaya

426 South Main Street

Hancock, WI 54943


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