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WHEIA Governance

Partnering - A cooperative relationship of common interests between two individuals or groups (in this case the DNR and the Wisconsin Hunter Education Instructor Association - WHEIA) in which each has equal status and independence from the other, but has implicit or formal obligations to the other or others.

Partnering is an understanding that each organization needs the other to succeed.

Our common interest is teaching Hunter Education, the mentoring and stewardship to continue the hunting heritage it is our mutual goal.

Equal status but independence from the DNR, we see ourselves as equals to the DNR but as volunteer unpaid instructors we are an independent organization and responsible to our members. 

We recognize the legislature enacted the hunter safety requirement under the auspices of the DNR and their responsibilities. However legislature did not give the DNR the resources. Legislature left that to the volunteer unpaid instructors who donate their time and often personal resources to deliver this legislative mandate. 

We recognize that without each other (the DNR and the Hunter Education Instructor) the program ceases. 

Hunting is in a survival situation with less youth having the opportunity or being turned away. What we the instructors do today in our hunter education classes affects the stewardship of our wildlife resources beyond our life span. 

Bylaws and Article of Incorporation of the Wisconsin Hunter Education Instructor Association. Please find listed below the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Policy and Procedures Manual. 

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